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Box Virtual Dataroom

Box Virtual Datarum is a secure platform designed for merger and acquisition deal deal management. It specializes in making sure you focus on closing contracts rather than documents, because managing mergers and negotiating a deal is just as complicated.

Therefore, it provides the solution to move documents and conversations out of email and into a secure virtual data room.
Box Virtual Dataroom
This central repository is designed for contracts, plans, meeting minutes, bids, and schedules. Secure Workspace provides you with a platform where you can upload, configure, view and find the file you need on any device.

You control the user's access and limit the ability to share, print, and download files. In addition, it minimizes data breach with file encryption, regulatory compliance, and watermarking of individual documents among others.

Why choose Box Virtual Dataroom?

Custom branding. Establish your branding when your partners access your files with a professional and branded experience. The tool enables you to add your own logo and use your branding’s color scheme in the Box interface and login page.
File sharing and access. It has a password-protected link so you can your share confidential documents with peace of mind. Additionally, you can set the link to expire at your specified time or delete shared links.
Comprehensive reporting. Make data-driven predictions that give you visibility over the behavior of your potential buyer. This enables you to audit file usage and user activity.
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