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DataCore Virtual Data Room Software

DataCore Virtual Data Room is a software-defined storage system for providing agile storage infrastructure with enterprise-class capabilities, through its product conglomerate. What makes this product worthwhile is its zero downtime with synchronous mirroring for disaster recovery.

It provides multi-layered protection for continuity, availability and recovery. The tool also reduces unnecessary storage costs by taking advantage of resources.
DataCore Virtual Data Room Software

It supports your existing and new infrastructure to eliminate obstacles to your workflow. It has a reasonable cost of ownership with a pricing scheme that allows you to scale your growth. Its permanent licensing includes support for software upgrades and high volume discounts.

Why choose DataCore Virtual Data Room?

Auto-tiering. For a wide variety of storage types, the system generates intelligent and automatic usage optimizations in accordance with performance and cost.

Data migration. Moving and migrating data is seamless that doesn’t interrupt business operations when the system refreshes, the VM moves, or relocation of the data center.

Centralized management. You get a central, unified location where you can monitor pooled storage resources, gain infrastructure-wide control, and leverage efficiency and productivity of your administration.
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