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Google Drive Virtual Data Room

Next on our list of top 20 virtual data room software solutions is Google Drive, one of the most popular cloud storage systems with the support of Office Suite. This includes a word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet program.

At its core, it's an online storage service with which you can utilize excellent storage space, especially if you're using Google's productivity apps and files such as images, videos, and documents.
Good Drive Virtual Data Room

Individual users simply get 15 GB of storage and basic sharing space for free which you can use for regular files or office documents. It is also a great cloud-based solution for collaborative office suites that includes documents (word documents), slides (PowerPoint presentations), sheets (spreadsheets), forms, and drawings.

The highlight of this program lies in its automatic, real-time file sync, regardless of your computer. This is how you upload, transfer, and share files that make you one of the top 3 file sharing software systems.

Using Cloud Technology, there is no software required for download so you can use this tool immediately. It allows you to open and save different file types, and actively monitors all changes made to the specific details of when the changes were made. In addition, mobile users can install and use the app on their devices for both Android and iOS.

Why choose Google Drive?

Live chat. When multiple people are active on the same file, you can use live chat to communicate and collaborate within the file itself. This streamlines all communication regarding the file to make sure everybody stays on the same page.

Variety of file formats. Whether you’re using it for personal and business purposes, the tool supports a wide range of file types. It opens and saves formats in DOCX, HTML, PDF, PNG, TXT, SVG, XLSX, and PPTX. Meanwhile, formats such as 3GPP, AI, DOC, EPS, AVI, and ZIP, among others can be opened but only saved on the previous formats mentioned.
Available for free. The tool can be used for free which already gives you 15GB of storage and its basic, essential features. You will only pay for the service when you want to add storage space.