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Merrill Datasite Virtual Data Room

Merrill DataSite is a SaaS application for a company designed for traders who need solutions for a secure and compliant management. Developed by a company known as the global provider of M&A solutions, this tool is credited with helping professionals effectively manage transaction execution effectively.

This tool was developed with direct inputs from users that helped to develop and design its user interface, user experience and functionality.
Merrill DatasiteOne Virtual Data Room
High-level enterprise security offers the strongest protection of your data, which eventually leads to a series of encryption and data protection.

Why choose Merrill DatasiteOne Virtual Data Room?

Tech compatibility. It eradicates the need for IT infrastructure as it doesn’t require any software to be downloaded and add-ons to be installed. The tools and features you need are included and built in the app itself.

Elasticsearch utilization. The tool uses Elasticsearch, one of the most popular enterprise search engine, to handle large document repositories with speed and precision.
Instant project availability. The project is immediately available once the platform receives the signed statement of work. This ensures the initial document is ready for upload within minutes.